Collecting Legends of the Dark Knight

Ever since I got into Batman comics, I’ve loved 90’s Batman. The 90’s was great time of development for Batman as a character and it saw the formation of what we now call the Bat Family. While the mainline titles were expanding the Batman mythos, there was a little anthology series going that bridged the gap between Batman’s canon origin and the present day. This series was called “Legends of the Dark Knight” and it featured some of the best creators of all time writing smaller, grittier, more character-driven stories about Batman and the people in his world. This series gave us many classic arcs including Prey, Venom, Going Sane, and Gothic. Because it came out in the 90’s, there are back issues readily available for reasonable prices and I have decided to collect all 214 issues of it and all 7 annuals. For those of you who are familiar with this series, which arcs were your favorites? Also, did you enjoy the 2012 relaunch of it?

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