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Does Jim Gordon ever shoot and kill people? If so, what would Bruce think?

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Dark Knight Extended Edition?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is there anything similar to a Dark Knight Extended Edition? Thanks again!

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The Teen Drama TV Stereotype All-Star Team

We believe we’ve assembled the definitive list of characters that would make for the ultimate teen drama.


So far in BATMAN LIVE ACTION movies ,the villans has been Joker x2 ,Catwoman x 2 ,Penguin,Riddler,Two Facex2 ,Mr Freeze, Bane x2,Poison Ivy,Ras Al Ghul,Scarecrow,Talia Al ghul.Given Batman’s Rogue Gallery ,what villians would you like to see in any upcoming movies?

Personally, I want to see Hush ,Black Mask and Deacon blackfire

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Warner Bros. boss worries that ‘Aquaman’ won’t be ready in time for its release date

As part of Entertainment Weekly’s big Aquaman reveal, they spoke to newly appointed Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich. This is definitely one of the strangest interviews I’ve read, because Emmerich answers a…

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Starlink: Battle For Atlas Aims To Scratch That Star Fox Itch

Ubisoft is set to launch itself into the toys-to-life market this fall with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a game that lets you build your dream ship before journeying into the stars to explore new worlds, scan unknown lifeforms and blast alien threats to smithereens. The game pretty much…

A Batman a day #97
A Batman a day #97
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Only Babies
Only Babies
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Supergirl: Reign’s End
Supergirl: Reign's End

A lot happened in Supergirl‘s season finale. Like, A LOT. It resolved hanging plot threads, set up two huge questions, and definitely lived up to its title: “Battles Lost and Won.”

Supergirl Sent Off A Major Character In The Season 3 Finale

A major character is leaving Supergirl after the third season finale.

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