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Bachelor In Paradise’s Jordan Debuted His Most Outrageous Outfit Yet, And Twitter Is Freaking Out

Jordan showed up in his most ridiculous and outrageous outfit yet in the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and Twitter has reactions.

Batman or Sherlock?

I had no Idea Batman was a Detective. Who’s a better Detective Sherlock or Bruce Wayne? Curious to see what you guys think?

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Hitman: World Of Assassination Brings Season One Content Into Hitman 2

IO Interactive decided to take a different approach with Hitman 2, which will combine everything from the first season of Hitman into Hitman 2. The team is calling it the “World of Assassination,” which contains all of the missions from the first season jam packed into…

NCIS: Los Angeles Has Cast A New Deputy Director For Season 10

A new deputy director is on the way to NCIS: Los Angeles, and not everybody may be happy about it.

Upcoming Comics: August 22, 2018

This is an interesting week of releases. For whatever reason, DC is bumping its trend of releasing Annuals on the 5th Wednesday, and they’re dropping some this week. One in particular – Suicide Squad – has me quite excited because it’s substituting the core team for some fresh meat… and it features Swamp Thing! That’s […]

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Dying Light: Bad Blood Hits Early Access In September

The developers announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood will be a last man standing action title, utilizing the gameplay and mechanics from the original Dying Light, and it’s set to enter into Early Access on Steam starting next month in September.

Batman Has Anger Problems Then Fan-Girls Over Two-Face
Batman Has Anger Problems Then Fan-Girls Over Two-Face
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How James Wan Impressed The Cast Of DC’s Aquaman While Directing

The horror director really impressed one of the veteran actors on his first superhero film.

‘Aquaman’ LEGO set reveals Black Manta’s submarine

Aquaman is just about 4 months away now, and official toys are starting to hit stores. Aquaman co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick spotted an Aquaman LEGO set in the wild and shared photos of it on Twitter. It gives us a good look at Black Manta’s submarine. Aquaman director James Wan replied to the tweet, saying […]

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